We're taking steps into the vast and intriguing realm of virtual reality. Leaving behind the familiar landscape of mobile gaming, we're charting a new course towards the immersive possibilities VR offers.

Inspired by what is possible in this new realm, we're honing skills from mobile gaming with a newfound enthusiasm for the engaging VR environment.

This year, we're excited to share our first VR game. It's not just a new product, but a reflection of our journey and growth. It represents our transition, our learning curve, and our passion for exploring the boundaries of gaming. And we invite you to join us on this adventure.


As a small indie studio, Ape On Fire champions the spirit of creativity and innovation that often gets lost in the shuffle of large-scale production. It allows us to experiment and to take risks. It enables us to create games that are not just products, but pieces of ourselves — our thoughts, our quirks, our stories.

This is the power of indie. The raw and authentic narratives that can only come from a team that's small enough to know each other's coffee orders. We understand that the most powerful and engaging games are born from a shared passion, a collective vision, and a commitment to crafting unique experiences.

We're not here to churn out copies of the same old formula. We're here to build new worlds, to challenge norms, and to prove that quality is not solely dictated by the size of the team or the budget, but by the passion, talent, and dedication that goes into every pixel.

In a world dominated by sequels and franchises, we stand for the unexplored, the unheard, and the uncharted. And our mission is to keep the indie spirit burning bright, one game at a time.